Paros Alyki: experience the Greek island dream holiday.

Alyki is a picturesque fishing village on the southern coast of Paros island in Greece.

Paros beaches are famous for their beauty and near Alyki you’ll find some of the best on the island.
Alyki’s town beach is a beautiful expanse of golden sand, backed by seafront tavernas and enjoys a unique view of the bay of Alyki, Paros island’s most traditional fishing port. Kids can play in the playground on the beach!
Walking west along the central beach,about 200m., you,ll find other swimming spots, also another beach, in front of one of the wetlands of the area.

The beach of Piso (back) Aliki is within easy walking distance from the centre of town, to the east, while further away, (around 3km) the beach of Farangas, one of the best on the island, is perfect for snorkelling, swimming or lazing the day away under the shade of a tamarisk tree or umbrellas provided free by Farangas beach bar.

For more adventurous souls Paros kitesurfing is on offer at Pounda, near to the port (for Antiparos), while for lovers of seclusion, the beaches of Voutakos and Glissada are often deserted even in the height of summer.

Aliki in recent years has become much more cosmopolitan, with a wide range of restaurants, café bars, tavernas and fish tavernas now lining its attractive seafront. Here you’ll find fresh fish directly from the sea, and a wide range of traditional Greek dishes as well as some more unusual choices.

For hikers, there are a number of Paros walking trails, some easy, some a little more demanding.
The Butterfly Valley, (Petaloudes), is a short drive northwards in the direction of Parikia.
Don't be expecting a Disney, (or Pandora), style wonderland though, as the butterflies are actually moths and can be quite difficult to spot unless you shake a branch or two and there are several hundred signs expressly forbidding you to do so.
The views from from the area are spectacular however and well worth the visit. On one side of the mountain is the bay of Parikia and on the other Antiparos appears to float magically on the deep blue waters of the Aegean, while depending upon humidity, Sifnos, Serifos, Syros and other islands ending in 's' can be seen in the distance.
Sunsets from here are magical but if you are planning on not shaking a few branches to see the 'butterflies', bear in mind that Petaloudes closes at around 2pm..
Included, in the standard room prices at Evi Rooms is an excursion to Butterfly Valley.

Aliki has a number of traditional festivals, where religion is mixed with popular culture. On the days of the festivals, mass takes place at the church, along with treats of local food, wine and 'souma' (strong, local drink), traditional live music and folk dancing.

The most famous festivals include the Klidonas Festival on 23rd of June when there is fire-jumping on the beach and May flower wreaths are burnt for good luck.
The Fish Festival on August 6th, is devoted to the fish & the fisherman of the village, fireworks and torch-lit fishing boats give a special colour on this festive night.
Finally, the Holy Cross Festival takes place on September 14th.

Aliki is perfect for family holidays as it is a quiet and safe location. Paros Airport is close by and the town enjoys a frequent bus service connecting it to the rest of the island.

Experience the Greek island dream holiday in Aliki, Paros, Greece.


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